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Your Life.  Your Choice.  Sounds simple, right?  You decide to make a change like losing weight, working out, getting a new job or adjusting your relationship.  You begin with hope and promise and put your plan into action.  But if you’re like most people, before long you’ve drifted from your original goal and may be even more unhappy than when you started.  And after every failed attempt to change, you find yourself wondering “Why won’t things go the way I want them?”  Perhaps you even hear yourself chalking up your setbacks to things like bad timing or fate

The explanations for this seeming inability to “make things happen” lie mainly in three areas: ambivalent feelings about what you’re trying to achieve, vague intentions and hurtful prior experiences.  In my work I help you clarify your feelings, consolidate your intentions and create a safe place to heal from the pain of previous losses.

I offer an encouraging yet motivating environment where you can begin to realize your personal truth and let it empower you to make the changes you seek.  My intention is that you live a fuller, richer, more enjoyable life, doing fulfilling work and relating authentically to those around you.  Wherever you are in your process, you’re at the perfect place to create the life you want to live.  Start Now.

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