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I work with clients first to help them become aware of their feelings in a more conscious way, a way that tries to understand them and learn from them instead of burying or cutting off from them.  I believe feelings can be important sign posts, like guides.  So my first encouragement is, Listen to to your feelings! They're trying to tell you something!

Understanding that growth requires risk, I support those I work with to view life as both experimental and experiential.  This idea is reflected in Albert Einstein's philosophy that, "Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived."  You've probably stood repeatedly at your refrigerator looking for that elusive late-night snack to satisfy you only to find that, amazingly, the contents of the fridge are exactly the same as they were the last time you opened the door!  I encourage clients to challenge their previously held assumptions and try on new ways of looking at their lives, which eventually leads to new actions.  And while new actions may produce new outcomes, I believe that ultimately, the richness and fullness of life lie not in outer circumstances but in a sense of knowing and appreciating oneself and one's own journey.